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Jacqulyn // Her Picks

Tell us about yourself. What is the inspiration? How did you refine your style? And the inspiration for your brand?
The inspiration behind everything that I do is exemplified in the concept of yin-yang. Moments in my life seem to have a trending lesson of growth and balance, being able to hold all dichotomies and be okay. I refine my style by channeling my process of finding focus. Whether it be the music I listen to or my apparel, all things lead back to me expressing my life and becoming.
I chose the name 5thmind to symbolically refer to the 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension is a place in my mind I go to when I reach equilibrium and epiphany. It’s a worshipful and heavenly experience. This framework of thought sets my intentions for all parts of my life; yoga, teaching, relationships, eating, breathing, living, resting, and working.
And in this space, good work fruitions. This is my inspiration. To do good work.

What does a day in the life look like for you?
My life is busy. I wake up at 6 in the morning. I read the bible, crawl out of the bed and do some yoga. I go to the bathroom and get ready. Make coffee. Go to school and prepare my class by 720 am. I run through all my classes; like an energy bunny, all the way till 5:00 pm, when my last period ends.
I sit in an hour of traffic; go home and eat. Drink some electrolytes and yoga myself out of muscle tension, mental stress, and negativity. My weekends are much loose, but I often pick up shifts on Saturday’s.
Thursday evenings are the craziest because I teach yoga from 730-830 pm.
What is your favorite yoga pose?
My favorite yoga poses are the ones I cannot do yet. Leg behind the head and full bow. They are my favorite for the very reason that I have not yet embodied them. They are beautiful in symmetry and awkward in physical positioning. I know that when I reach that point in my asana, my intuition will be enlightened.
I love the process of growing into them. I don’t really see myself getting there for a few years, but I’m okay with that. Yin-yang.
I also love inversions and handstands. I do them everyday, but the two I mentioned earlier on are the ones I have my eyes on.

Who does all your creative direction and photography? You, we assume?
5thmind is an expression of me. So I guess I do most the creative direction. However, I am always inspire by my surroundings. I do take some of my photography, but usually it is either my roomate, or a photographer I collab with for some artistic shots. It’s a communal thing…

You are also a highschool teacher what is that like? Does your yoga practice influence your day to day as a teacher?
I am someone that places high expectations on the quality of work. I expect blood, sweat and tears when it comes to self investment and betterment of the community. This mindset gets exhausting when working in the public school system. I love my job, but I internalize the systematic flaws and negative interactions. When fights happen at school, I still feel a sense of sadness and rage of injustice. I think about my students and what they go through; where they need to be; their dreams, and experiences. The burdens can be too much at times, which is why I yoga.
Yoga helps me to channel my emotions. This is important because otherwise, I would get desensitized; harden my heart, preventing me from doing my best work--one that is empathic and gritty. Yoga is my experience of the 5th dimension. The more and more I live in self love and care in yoga; the more I see myself practicing this in the most challenging aspects of my life. Such as, work.
Any advice for women who are starting their own business?
Do more yoga

How did you first hear about Amarilo?
I went to high school with Ali and we reconnected! I’m so happy I did because I got introduced to the power duo Ali and Stella, baddies that started Amarilo and Haati Chai. I’m always blessed in their presence.
What are your favorite piece/s from your shop, currently or from all time? What are your favorite pieces in our latest collection for Amarilo?
My favorite pieces from the shop is the ones I currently own. My choker and my hoops. I wear those everywhere: yoga, school, sleep, the shower--everywhere.

What is next for you?
I’m excited to see and to show.

Is there something you would like to share about yourself or your brand that we did not ask? If so what? Any tips for women who are trying to run their own business?
I don’t consider myself a business. I don’t really have any profit expectations for 5thmind. I’m just trying to constantly use my gifts and give people loving and mind growing experiences.

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