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Joie Lee Ruggiero // Her Picks

Joie Lee Ruggiero of Haumea Athletics



Introduced by mutual friend Shannon of Esker Beauty, Joie radiates an energy of warmth, openness, and passion. With an emphasis on balance in both body and mind, Joie’s teachings transcend beyond her work and can be felt through her presence in-person and online. As a brand that was created out of a passion, we are so happy to be featuring Joie as this month’s Amarilo Woman.

Tell us a little bit about yourself & where you grew up.
 I grew up on Maui, Hawaii, in a household filled with music. Both my parents are professional musicians and raised me with a healthy love of music and sound as a way of expression. I think they were a little disappointed when I didn't decide to pursue music as my profession, but I believe music to be something fundamentally human. I think that's why I was drawn to dance at an early age. Dance for me is a way to make the feelings and emotions of sound visible.
What does a day in the life look for you?
I try to start my mornings with my Kundalini yoga practice. This includes dry brushing my body, stepping into an ice cold shower and then getting my butt to the mat/sheepskin. Even if its just a few minutes, it really is the most important thing I can do to create a day of my own design, rather than being sucked into the endless pull of inertia. My son is usually up by the time I finish my practice, so I get him ready for his day and then head off to my training clients. When there isn't a retreat booked in the immediate future, I usually train clients in their homes. We live in LA and I do a lot of driving to different parts of the city, but I don't mind because I love listening to audiobooks, inspirational talks, and mantras in the car. When my work day is done I make dinner for the family. I am relatively new to cooking and it's become a little bit of an obsessive hobby. After dinner its bedtime for the baby, my husband and I usually watch something together, and we are always in bed by 9pm. We are total homebodies.



What did you do before hosting retreats?
I've been in boutique fitness for a decade, so before I launched Haumea I was mostly teaching group classes, and private sessions. I feel fortunate I started my career working for one of the most highly-influential and sought-after companies in dance based fitness. There was a lot of travel with clients, and a grueling schedule. For the better part of my career, I was working out with my clients 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Looking back I don't know how I did it! I knew it wouldn't be sustainable, so after my son was born I took a few months to really get in touch with how I saw myself offering value to clients in a way I could truly maintain.


Any tips on how to upkeep a healthy lifestyle, balance?
Meditate! Even 5 minutes a day is better than nothing. I believe that in order for us to truly have balance, we must be able and willing to see ourselves from an objective perspective. We fall into behaviors that, when repeated, become habit. These habits run our lives and the outcomes to our efforts. The only way I have found to break the cycle of self-destructive or addictive patterns is to meditate daily. Luckily, with a little consistency, you can see a difference very quickly. It also doesn't matter what type of meditation you do. Anything can become a meditation if you practice it with the right intention and conviction.




What is your life’s motto?
Don't sweat the small stuff.


We believe the the beauty of an Amarilo woman is found in her validation in herself and ever-present self love and we truly see that you are proud to be yourself. Tell us more about this journey and what are ways you celebrate who you are.
This is such an important question for all of us to contemplate. I think we get told very early that outwardly celebrating yourself and what makes you unique is rude or even dangerous. For centuries, women have been persecuted for standing boldly in their magic and power. But this is rapidly changing. For me, becoming a mother marked a definitive turning point in my road to self-acceptance. I distinctly remember feeling a sense of duty to myself, so that I might become a better mother to this little life who needed to be shown the way. I wholeheartedly believe that children learn through watching us. Yes we can and should talk about the important lessons, but our actions will supersede what we talk about every time.


What is one of your greatest defining moments within your industry?
Organizing and running my very first retreat was by far one of the most, challenging, inspiring, and defining moments of my career thus far. A month before we were supposed to go, we still had not sold any tickets, and I was contemplating cancelling the event. I remember feeling empty, helpless, and completely a failure, but I knew in my heart I could not and would not cancel the event. I told myself, "I am doing this, no matter what, and I don't care what the result is". What happened over the next 4 weeks was utterly magical. We ended up having 7 amazing women attend the event, and I felt liberated in the knowing that I did what I said I would. After it was over I was on a high for the next several weeks. I hope everyone gets to experience that kind of feeling.



We’re all about female empowerment here at Amarilo. Which woman/women have made a significant impact in your life?
There are so many amazing women in my life, but I don't think any one woman has more of an impact on me than my mom. she is a woman before her time, truly a pioneer of what Yogi Bhajan called the Aquarian age. In this day and age, we have no shortage of accessibility to information. With this incredible technology comes a hefty fee. More and more we see the effects of information overload, depression, anxiety, sleep-deprivation, etc. It is the people who can make sense of all this information without crumbling under the weight of it that are the most effective, and influential in their communities. My mother is one of those people. She is a steward of patience and unconditional love, she taught me how to see the world from the perspective of curiosity. I count this as one of the most valuable tools at my disposal for living a happy, healthy, and balanced life.


Amarilo launched because of a void we felt in the market for quality, fine jewelry that woman want to wear every day. For our founders, Ali and Stella, each piece of jewelry they own holds a special meaning to them and they hope every Amarilo piece is a memento marking a moment of the wearer's life -- whether it be a birth of a child, a raise, new job, marking of a trip. Do you own any pieces of jewelry that are very special for you? In regards to your Amarilo pieces -- what memories specifically are they/will they be markers of for you?
In Hawaii, there is a certain type of jewelry that is given by loved ones on special occasions. It has been tradition to do so since the 1800s when Queen Victoria gifted the Hawaiian Princess Lili'oukalani with a gold bangle engraved with her name in old English lettering. It is very popular to get one on each special occasion or milestone and so you see lots of women and young girls with stacks and stacks of them adorning their wrists. I have one marking my sweet 16, high school graduation, the birth of my son, and my 30th birthday. A friend once said she always knew when I was coming because she could hear the clinging of my bangles, and that sentiment is very dear to me. 
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Amarilo at a time when my family was going through the process of moving houses. I think I'll always look at this jewelry as a remembrance of the invigoration of new beginnings.


Is there something you would like to share about yourself that we did not ask?
Just a reminder to put yourself first. Women hold the very power of creation inside them, and it is my wish that we work to make ourselves better so that we can bring benefit to all beings.



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