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Shereen // Her Picks

Tell us about yourself. What is the inspiration? How did you refine your style? And the inspiration for your brand? 
My name is Shereen a mother of two and the founder & editor of Mother Muse a coffee table book dedicated to the slow living mother.
Mother Muse was inspired through my motherhood journey when I first gave birth to my beautiful daughter Adaline Rose. I struggled with postpartum depression being a young mother and not resonating with the things I loved prior to motherhood.
The coffee table book is a high light of high-end fashion and lifestyle with the focus on motherhood. It is filled with original artwork, articles, interviews and editorials.
What does a day in the life look like for you Shereen?
Recently it’s been beautiful chaos as I just gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. Balancing my own business and two littles under the age of two has my days filled with so much love and tired eyes, but it makes life so fulfilled.
Who does all your creative direction and photography? You, we assume? Tell me how you get the perfect IG image?
Mother Muse is fully run by myself. I have the opportunity to work and connect with so many inspiring mothers, women and artists who admire the collective force that is Mother Muse, often I am over flown with submissions for the magazine. Coming from the modelling and fashion industry I am always looking for high-end quality images that can capture mothers in a raw, organic and intimate way.
How do you decide on who is featured in Mother Muse?
I look for diversity, authenticity and empowerment – It’s important for me to showcase powerful woman that have a voice that can impact maybe some mothers that aren’t ready to share their experiences or feel alone.
Any advice for mothers who are starting their own business, or who work?
It takes a lot of patience and commitment, it won’t be easy but if you can do it the hard times are overshadowed by the sheer enjoyment of doing something you love and being able to balance your own schedule is amazing, it’s allowed me to be present with my babies.


How important do you feel it is to have a visually cohesive brand?
Very important it sets you apart from other brands and creates a beautiful story line that hopefully others will admire and resonate with.


What are your favorite piece/s from your shop, currently or from all time? What are your favorite pieces in our latest collection for Amarilo? 


What is next for the Mother Muse brand? 

I take it day by day organic growth is very important to me I hope for it to continue to flourish & grow, inspire and connect us together as mothers in a way that is beautiful, authentic, raw and honest.


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