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Taylr Anne // Her Picks


Tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I like to surf, explore new places and go to art museums for fun.
My Instagram is @taylranne
 My personal style is relaxed, effortless.
 I pull inspiration from nature, color, traveling, paintings!
Hoops or studs? 
HOOPS, definitely.  


Necklaces or rings?


To someone just now getting into jewelry, what are 3 rules of thumb to follow when finding forever pieces? 
Quality, quality, quality! That’s my only rule! My forever pieces are solid gold and they are always timeless to me. 
What are some tips you can share on how you layer jewelry? Earrings specifically.
I love layering hoops, different sizes. I try not to follow rules when it comes to jewelry. I think just express yourself and wear things you love. Whether that is diamonds or stones or solid gold, express yourself, earrings are so fun for that!
What are your favorite Amarilo pieces and why? 
It’s so hard to pick! But I love the little diamond huggies and definitely into organic pearls at the moment!


What are your earliest memories of jewelry?
Looking through my moms jewelry box and trying on her heirlooms, such a precious memory to me.
Is there something you would like to share with us that we haven't asked?
A lot of people don’t know that my real name is spelled Taylr, everyone thinks it’s just my instagram! I think it’s kind of a fun thing to share :)

Star Hoops

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Marquise Studs

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