Sizing for Rings and Necklaces

How to Find your Ring Size:


Your fingers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do rings. Additionally, all rings have a different scale for size. This post is aimed to help you find out what ring size you are by the string method or using a ring that is already in your jewelry box.

How to size your finger with  a piece of string:

  1. Cut a thin paper or thread
  2. Wrap the thread around your finger. Make sure the thread is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.
  3. Mark the location where the thread meets and measure the distance with your ruler. To be most accurate, use millimeters rather than inches
  4. Measure your fingers a few times to ensure the sizing is correct.
  5. Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

How to size your finger using a ring that fits you already

Find a ring that already fits you comfortable on your chosen finger. Get a ruler and measure the diameter across and compare below in millimeters.


How to Layer Your favorite Necklaces:

Start with a base choker. Recommended length is 12 to 14". You can measure your neck with a measuring tape or string. All our chokers are standard at 12" with a 3" extension, total of 15" in length. We opted for our Pia Mariposa Choker.
Don't be nervous about wearing two chokers at a time! It's fun to really push this style, especially when the pieces are minimal and comfortable. Here we added underneath Nina Choker
We added a neck cuff here to further elongate the neck line. This piece can sit closer to the base of your neck (try anything from 14" to 18", depending on your neck size.
To finish, we added a long piece to draw down the layers. A style such as a lariat of 16" or 18" or Bolo style piece would work great. Here we added our To the Moon and Back, Remember Necklace.